SIHOT connects with the most innovative applications and tools in the hospitality industry. Explore our integrations and find the right solution for your needs.

Guest Communication Systems


Betterspace is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the hotel industry. The digitization experts accompany hotels in their digital transformation process from the initial consultation to turnkey implementation and smooth operation.

Digital Guest

DigitalGuest is a powerful guest experience platform accommodating your entire guest journey from pre-stay to post-stay in one web app. No prints, less touch points and just great service! Trusted by hospitality clients all over the world 🌎


Personalized End-to-End Guest Experience Management Platform.

Goguest by EasyGoBand

Easygoband is a global provider of a unique hospitality 360 technology platform which, through the simplest setup of its central system and connected to NFC wristband and a web app, allows the easiest hotel/resort management, and makes possible the happiest, one of a kind, guest experiences.


Guest Communications Hub powered by conversational AI specialised for hospitality.

Hoteligy WebAPP for Hotels and Resorts

The most complete and flexible app on the market. The Web App allows its guests to have all the information and services of the Hotel instantly and without the need for downloads. Improve communication with your guests and increase your sales in stay.

Social WiFi

Hotelinking is a suite of tools for a complete contactless guest experience that will improve your hotel brand’s online reputation, marketing, direct sales, and loyalty .

Hotel GA app

Guest concierge in the palm of your hand.

KraftCom Hospitality

KraftCom ASE® – Advanced Service & Entertainment: Building the digital core for your business and creating the digital essentials for your guest journey.

Upsell software

Oaky is a hyper-personalised and automated upselling engine that helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior guest experience.


More information about our integration with Pushtech is coming soon!

Quicktext AI Powered chatbot for hotels

Increase direct sales, reduce staff workload and deliver instant personalized guest service.


IAM RE:GUEST. YOUR DIGITAL ROOM SELLER. You have a lot on your plate🥣. Great staff 🤵🏽 is getting more and more difficult to find. It’s time to activate me. I communicate 💬and sell 💵 your rooms to your guest.


SuitePad has been helping hotels engage their guests in a digital world for ten years. Their award-winning in-room tablets replace traditional guest directories, serve as a central upselling tool, and combine TV control and telephone in one device.


The most exciting way to offer upgrades and increase revenue. Highest upsell conversion of rooms and ancillary services.


Descarga al personal del hotel automatizando la comunicación con el huésped en cualquier etapa del viaje (pre-stay, in-stay y post-stay) y utilizando su canal favorito: Whatsapp, email, sms, etc.

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