Quicktext AI Powered chatbot for hotels

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Quicktext is an AI-powered chatbot for hotels able to answer to most customer questions 24/7 in 27 languages.

Velma, the chatbot designed by Quicktext, is able to drive customer engagement through the hotel live chat and the main instant communication channels. Most customers express doubts when booking a room. Velma, helps reassure potential customers by providing them the key information they need to make a decision and proactively guide them through the direct booking process

What are the advantages of our integration with SIHOT?

The integration with SIHOT enables to important features:

  • Matching contact phone numbers with name and PMS information letting the hotel know immediately who is the contact and all the relevant booking details.
  • Thanks to PMS data provided by SIHOT, hotels can leverage Quicktext push SmS feature to send text messages to their guests for comfort, service and upsell.

Connect to SIHOT: