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Flexkeeping is the most comprehensive hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration software. It automates daily hotel operations from team communication, preventive maintenance, and guest service delivery to daily recurring tasks, checklists, and housekeeping schedules, optimizing day-to-day operations by up to 70%. Flexkeeping is best known for its complete set of housekeeping automation tools, a best-in-class user interface, and a powerful management reporting system. The main solutions include:

  • Housekeeping: Automate schedules, update room statuses, conduct inspections and ensure spotless rooms.
  • Maintenance: Take a picture, report, track and fix issues around your hotel. Implement an effective preventive maintenance plan.
  • Team Communication: Keep all staff up to date, organize workflows, and improve team communication.
  • Checklists & SOPs: Access all checklists and SOPs, ensure consistent quality, compliance, and efficient staff training.
  • Analytics: Get automated, meaningful data to optimize your operations and lower costs.

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Which are the advantages of our intergation?

The best-in-class integration between Sihot and Flexkeeping allows staff members to receive all relevant work information in the palm of their hands, such as real-time cleanliness updates, minibar postings, room status changes, guest information, and reservation details.

Housekeeping Software

Empower your housekeepers to do everything with a click, from viewing assigned tasks and confirming room statuses to updating minibar consumption and reporting maintenance issues.

Maintenance Software

Enable staff members to report an issue to maintenance. Maintenance can then pick up the task, comment on it, mark it resolved or outsource it to a third party, all on their phone.

Housekeeping SOPs and Checklists

Use checklists for everything from observing new health and safety regulations to training new staff. Import existing checklists and enjoy the benefits of having them digitized.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics module allows you to track all hotel operations on a single or multi-property level, enabling you to optimize your operations and cut expenses.

Flexkeeping Modules

Practical examples of Flexkeeping’s functionalities

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